Alexandre Magno Teles Zimerer

Born on 6th October, 1982
Lives in Copenhagen, Denmark


Alexandre Magno has been a web developer for more than 10 years. During his career, he has been responsible for building together with great team members awesome digital products – from startups and companies at earlier stages to big companies that lead the market. He is now working at Tradeshift, an e-procurement to pay platform, in Copenhagen. He loves to share all his learnings on his blog ( Following this path, he published the Mobile First Bootstrap book by Packt Publishing (ISBN 9781783285808) in December 2013. He is an experienced full stack developer with a strong foundation in front-end development, which was learned while the  Javascript language conquered the world. His career has been built of learnings from different projects and this way he could acquire experience in different programming languages such as Javascript, Node.js, Ruby, Java, Python and PHP. This flexibility creates an opportunity to contribute with a variety of open source projects. He was a speaker in technology events such as Qcon and FISL (International Open Source Foundation), usually talking about web, mobile web and Test Driven Design, as well as user experience subjects and perfomance. He works part time in personal startup projects, using tools from other digital products that make his work easier.


Software Engineer, Tradeshift; Copenhagen, Denmark — 2016 (Current Job)
Working as a Software Engineer with a strong foundation in Front-end and the Node.js side of power, integrated with the Java API’s of the Tradeshift Platform. The company serves half a million of invoices and offers a flexible solution based in extending apps, which use Javascript with Angular and React. I’m currently working in documents UI and Javascript apps to offer services between buyers, sellers and suppliers. I had an innovating initiative in project Ada, which started in a Global Team Camp Hackathon and became the direction of the company on AI paradigm.

Software Engineer,; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — 2009 – 2016
I developed large scale projects for CMS and publishing news, incorporating hundreds of TV Globo products. Globo is one of the leading TV channels in the world. I worked there as a front-end specialist and a reference for Javascript high end solutions and testings, not just inside the company, but also taking successful cases as presentations in important open source conferences.

I worked with Scrum process and developed UI components for the news publishing system. I built libraries that are widely used for various projects using HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the daily development cycle. I had a great achievement when I migrated the company to mobile development. I gained as well some experience working in the main mobile website and native app.

Truppie, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — 2015 – Personal project
I founded this company in Brazil as my entrepreneurship side project, which could make me link web development with the nomad way of life. Truppie is a platform that connects adventurers and tour guides who offer different outdoor activities. A lean business developed in Ruby on Rails stack hosted on Heroku using Stripe payment.

This project intends to explore the agile and iterative way to build a new and valuable product to outdoor events that connects explorers to travel guides. It is an open source platform with a structured build pipeline with modern stacks commonly used buy startups, like Heroku, Travis CI, Ruby on Rails. I explore the collaborative way to make the things done. I keep learning with a real project and how to handle a digital business from anywhere.

Work’n Enjoy, no location — 2016 – Personal project
Work’n Enjoy is an initiative to stimulate the freelancer market for those who want to work from anywhere. The company was founded remotely from Copenhagen in the Silicon Valley, using the new service Stripe Atlas in order to share all the tools and different ways to make a digital project. The company is aiming to overcome the barriers of limiting laws both inside and between the countries.

Lead developer, Funarte; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — 2009 – 2010
I redesigned the platform that holds the full history of the Brazilian arts. Working in the government department was one of the greatest professional challenges that I’ve ever had. I joined the team in a critical moment within the project as a WordPress specialist and the results were beyond expectations. The new and redesigned portal was successful for the editors,  who had an easy way to publish their content using WordPress, and for the end users, who could explore the rich art collection in a digital way.

Conexão Paris; Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil – 2005-2008
I worked as a consultant and core developer in Conexão Paris, which is the most relevant Paris travel website. It started as a simple blog and became a big portal that achieved a revenue of approximately US$ 400.000 ( The website sells travel guides and shows how WordPress can be powerful as an e-commerce solution. It uses an open source plugin developed for this purpose, the WordPress Payment Module for pagseguro.


  • Mobile First Bootstrap – December 2013 – Published by Packt Publishing Ltd.
    ISBN 978-­1-­78328-­579-­2
  • Webmagazine, junho 2010 – A writing about jQuery UI Plugins


  • Technological weekend – UFRJ – 01/06/2015 – Speaks about Multiplatform application development
  • Qcon 2015, 03/2015,  – Speaks about Multiplatform application development
  • The developers conference 2014 – 07/2014 – Speaks about the perception about perfomance
  • Front in Fortaleza 2014 – Speaks about the perception about perfomance
  • FISL 14, 07/2013 – Fórum Internacional de Software Livre, 2013 – Speaks about Understanding Bootstrap
  • FISL 13, 08/2012 – Fórum Internacional de Software Livre, 2012 – Speaks about Developing jQuery UI plugins and testing with Jasmine
  • CEJS 2013 – Mobile First Javascript


  • System Analyst – Universidade Estácio de Sá — 2011
  • Scrum Certified Scrum master – Team Ware – 2010


  • Advanced knowledge in Javascript and its frameworks like jQuery, backbone.js, React, Coffee Script, Angular, as well as web tools and front-end ops like Grunt, Gulp, and testing with Jasmine, and front-end Ops, dealing with the most modern stacks from Heroku to Amazon;
  • Taking Javascript to the next level with Node.js using frameworks like Express and changing the JS paradigm with ES5 and 6, as well Babel and Webpack to build the high end user experience;
  • Passionate for developing reusable and scalable UI components and UI Patterns, as well as Material Design;
  • Committed to performance optimization, benchmarking, progressive enhancement, usability and accessibility;
  • Excellent foundation in interaction design principles and interaction patterns;
  • Expert in HTML/CSS as well HTML5 and CSS3 (as well LESS and SASS). Experienced in working with browser issues, debugging and cross browser solutions to achieve the best user interface experience, regardless of the device used;
  • Advanced knowledge of responsive design and optimization for mobile devices and mobile first;
  • Getting into mobile development with React Native, as well as basic knowledge on Android Development;
  • Experienced in extreme programming, with extensive experience in setting up continuous integration systems, TDD and BDD, as well as familiar with the scrum process;
  • Strong knowledge in Ruby on Rails;
  • Experienced with Python and building Apps with Django;
  • Some experience with Java development and building of API’s with Spring Boot;
  • Long term experience in PHP and their frameworks and CMS’s like CakePHP and WordPress;
  • Standard knowledge of relational databases (MySQL and Postgre) and non-relational databases (MongoDB);
  • Comfortable working in a Unix/Linux Environment;
  • Familiar with version control systems, like Git and SVN.

Websites that inspire me

Outside work

  • One book: Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid
  • One travel: Bahia – Brazil
  • One wish: Discover the mind algorithms

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